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Daryl Hall Cancels Shows due to Illness
Get well soon Daryl-that seems to be the consensus across social media as fans are wishing Daryl all the best. Shows have been cancelled/postponed due to illness. I think it's safe to say, everyone will 'wait for' him to get better. 
Whether you are on Facebook, Google Updates, or HallandOates.com you'll find plenty of news surrounding the ever busy Daryl Hall. 
Latest LFDH Episode Filmed at Daryl's New Club
For the latest episode information visit the LFDH.com link. This is an amazing program that started as a web show, then grew bigger and bigger. Regardless what your musical taste are, you will like this show, it truly has something for everyone.
Restoration Over-Hall
This was a great television show that Daryl hosted while renovating his own home in the northeast. 
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"I was very inspired by my mother. She was a vocal teacher and sang in a band, and my first memories of her were going out with her on the local circuit.

Daryl Hall
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