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Blast from the past. I was in the Adirondack mountains when I learned about the video contest and didn't have anything to film with except for a Canon Elph, cheapo digital camera. 

Shot in a somewhat abandoned building and a historic cemetery, we defined the song, 'Falling' (Bigger than the Both of Us LP) as a soul who carries on in the mortal world refusing to accept the future of things, until she lets go of the past. Thank You for everyone that voted for us. Click to View.
Robin Fields-Who the? 
I'm Robin, call me the Web-Mistress of this page. As I've mentioned, I have been a fan since I was about 6-years old, maybe younger. Rich Girl was my favorite song, namely because Daryl sang 'bitch'. Kinda funny, but true. As an adult, my appreciation for that song is still there in a huge way, but not because of the lyrics alone, but because the song is as close to perfect as anything can get. 

Originally from upstate New York, I reside in Riviera Beach, Florida and run an online conceal carry boutique, Le Frog Shoppe. My rescue chihuahua travels with me just about everywhere I go, including the auction house where I spend most of my daytime hours. My husband, Peter is an auctioneer! When I'm not working on Le Frog Shoppe, I am working on Proxibid, running the online part of our live auctions. I miss the seasons, weather, trees and many other things from New York, although Florida is very beautiful in its own way. 

We have three children; Lauren, Jack and Peter. Lauren is 23 and has a passion for bicycles. She takes old bikes and puts new life back into them. Her business is called, Endless Cycles. She is also a continuing student. 

Peter is 14 and an aspiring concept artist. He attends a performing arts school in Palm Springs where his major is Digital Media. He has already had his works published in, The Wonderful Whimsical World of Poems. 

Jack Ruby is 13 and attends a private school in West Palm Beach. Jack writes code, is involved with drama, sports, student council and many other clubs and activities. 

Daryl Hallucinations started back in 1997 when there wasn't much on the internet except for Marc Lieberman's first Hall and Oates website. Thus, the need was there. The Daryl Hall website was born and although it has switched homes over the years, on various web hosts, it has been going strong, uninterrupted for all these years. Thank You everyone for your support. 
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