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Daryl Hallucinations
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WHO IS DARYL HALL? Answer: One of the most successful recording artists in music history. To date, no other duo has surpassed Hall & Oates and their record of top 10 and number 1 hits. That's right, no-one! 

Born October 11th, 1949 on the outskirts of Philadelphia, in the hamlet of Pottstown, PA, Daryl is the son of Walter and Betty (Wanner) Hohl. He also has a sister Kathy.  

Residing in upstate New York and other places, Daryl seems to spend much time touring and hosting his program, LFDH-Live From Daryl's House. For more information on this amazing web-television show visit www.LFDH.com  

Daryl brings a variety of musical talent to his turf to perform both their music and his. Pure genius. Why didn't someone think of it sooner? Visit HallandOates.com for official tour information, there you can also join the All Access Club for VIP ticket sales and early concert notification. 

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